AM Eyewear was founded in 2003.
Born from inspiration, thanks largely to the absence of unique hand-crafted frames within Australia.

AM Eyewear's mission.

to create beautiful and exceptional eyewear.

Building on our Australian Made namesake, AM quickly matured into global wholesale company for their leading optical and fashion stockists around the world. Handcrafted sunglasses using combination of premium materials, our frames are fitted with co-branded nylon Zeiss lenses coated with Gold ET AR back coating. The industry where multinational companies are numbers sold, AM Eyewear’s ethos is creator of sunglasses and optic eyewear and not counter of eyewear. See through the difference.

Some products are made; others are given life. Founded in Australia during 2003, AM Eyewear established an artisan approach to crafting exceptional eyewear – upscale daily staples for the fashion-conscious. Over the last 16 years, AM has matured into a global lifestyle brand.

Each set of frames forms as an extension of a person; a personality with soul, and a life well beyond a mere fashion item. From ideation to delivery, we create with respect.

Remaining a small-batch boutique eyewear brand, within an industry of multinational companies focused on numbers sold, we stay focused on the soul within our products.

We see through the difference and welcome you to join us.


Respect to the earth and our environment

We exist to improve and celebrate the world around us, by intentionally weaving ourselves into our natural landscapes, urban spaces and vibrant cultures. Fake Rolex

Respect for authenticity

Conveyed in high-quality, hand-crafted and durable materials.

Respect for history

Upholding the artisanal approach to craft of eyewear, cultivated over thousands of years. Imitation watches

Respect for individuality

By inspiring confidence and embracing uniqueness within our community for whom ordinary is not enough.

Respect to our customers

Through transparency, reliability and trust. We stand independently to create with agility to be at the cutting edge of style.

The design process and craft of AM Eyewear

​Vital inspiration
Born from the passion to deliver something truly unique, AM’s inspiration is drawn from vital experiences: the liberation of travel, breathtaking landscapes, immersive music, diverse culture and unique people.

Hand-sketched Designs
Through dedication to creating beautiful and unique styles, each frame is brought to life in the traditional creative design process: hand sketched with pad and pencil. Our technical drawings are reworked and refined to create lines that flow and designs that form perfectly.

​Harmonious creation
Each colour element of our frames is carefully selected to create a perfect harmony between lens and frame. Our colour palettes are forecast intelligently for the upcoming season, emanating the unique style of every individual frame, and the individuals who wear them.

Uniquely Custom Lenses
Carl Zeiss lenses are reserved for only the best eyewear brands in the world, and we’re proud of our long-standing partnership with them. Through the creation of each new style, we work closely with the Carl Zeiss factory, carefully selecting our lenses to create unique custom colours.

Handpicked Elements
For over three generations, our long-standing friends in the small Italian town of Castiglione Olona have produced the highest quality materials and components used in the creation of each pair of frames.

Hand-crafted Frames
Once our frames are designed, with each element carefully selected, they’re entrusted in the hands of master artisans. Our partners work with our materials for up to 14 hours, bringing them to life through the refined art of creation.

Outstanding Quality
Our dedication to quality truly is a life’s work. Before our frames are packed, each is carefully inspected by hand, by experts who have worked in quality control their whole lives. This is how we guarantee perfection, upholding the superior quality of AM Eyewear.

Highest Industry Standards
We believe your eyes deserve the best. That’s why each of our premium frames and lenses are meticulously tested, ensuring that while industry compliance standards increase, our quality consistently exceeds expectations now and into the future.

European: EN12312:2013
American: AUSIZ80.2:2010
Australian/New Zealand: AS/GGNZS 1067.1:2016

Made Just for You
The entire AM family works with pride and passion to create each pair of our premium handcrafted eyewear, though our frames are only ever truly complete once they’re worn by you. We hope you love your pair of AM Eyewear as much as we do.